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We first started with 2 white Ryelands in September 2016. The thought first occurred to me to make something from their gorgeous wool while working with them one day. They are one of Britains oldest heritage down breeds originating from Herefordshire.

I introduced the coloured variety not long after and in 2017 set up The Sheep Shed to promote the breed and the sustainable and environmentally friendly nature of the wool and the products we manufacture today.

All the items are produced in the UK using British companies and are a direct result from Temple Farm and the Balantradoch Ryelands and the Temple Coloured Ryeland flocks.

All of our ewes and lambs are very friendly and one shout and a rattle of the bucket gets them running to us! Our two tups are Broomwell Wilf (white) and Ashley Moor Hall Wizard. You couldn't get a more friendly pair and they just love a scratch!!